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Along with being a highly effective elementary teacher of over 22 years, Jayne Kelly, along with her husband, Brian, are raising two teenage boys. Her experience being both a teacher and a mom has provided her with countless opportunities to work with all types of kids and families. It is her sincere desire to share her years of experience and expertise to help families as they navigate their own parenting journey.

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Texts and Badges If

you feel like this,

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You love your kids, but most days you don't

like their behaviors.

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You use your child's technology devices as a way to control their behavior.

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Your child doesn't respect household and

family rules.

You avoid taking your child out in public for fear of their behavior.

You make idle threats and give punishments

but don't follow through on them.

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When you ask your child to do something, it

turns into an argument or power struggle.

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Your child doesn't take your seriously and disrespects your authority.

You find yourself yelling at your child because

it's the only way they'll listen to you.

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check out my new book! It will provide you with strategies for these

problems and many more! Learn how to get back your control and start enjoying your kids again.

Are you a new parent?

Raising a toddler?

Navigating the teenage years?

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This book is the essential parenting how-to guide that gives parents and care givers 26 critical lessons that will guide children toward becoming respectful, empathetic, independent,

trust-worthy kids both now and as they grow.

Each chapter also contains classroom connections in which parents will learn how strong lessons at home lead directly to success and happiness in the classroom.

Workshop topics can be modified to meet your needs

Both online and in-person sessions are available

Giving and Getting Respect

Creating Strong Study Habits

Navigating the Digital World

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Developing a Growth Mindset

Fostering Independence

Developing and Maintaining

Open Lines of COmmunication

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Raising Great Kids


Tots to Teens


In Between

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Parenting is not about perfection, but instead about being consistent and providing children with clear expectations and boundaries.

It's about being role models for your kids, and reminding them everyday just how much you love them.

-Jayne Kelly

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